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2022 edition


CULTUROPOLIS was held at Barcelona's Paral·lel Avenue. The Casa de la Música Paral·lel 62 and El Molino were the two buildings where the activities of the Days took place, and on Saturday, 19 November, the CULTUROPOLIS programme took to the streets to celebrate and exercise cultural rights with all the citizens of Barcelona.

Locating CULTUROPOLIS at Paral·lel arises from the desire to focus on the reflection and practice of cultural rights, paying tribute to the history of this iconic street which has served as a cultural and recreational point of reference for the city since the late 19th century.

CULTUROPOLIS captures the history of Paral·lel as a cultural reference to recover and reframe it

El Molino opened its doors at the end of the 19th century, becoming a local and international reference for cabaret, revue, and music hall.

The Casa de la Música Paral·lel 62 occupies a building that first opened in 1909 as the Gran Teatre Espanyol