Call for projects

The CULTUROPOLIS projects' forum will showcase local and European/International initiatives working on the topic of cultural rights, and specifically at the intersection of access to and participation in cultural life, cultural work, sustainability, diversities, participation and communities, and digital environments. The aim is to bring different perspectives from arts, heritage, human rights, research, politics, activism and other spheres and mix initiatives from Catalonia and Spain with similar projects coming from all over Europe and beyond and to create an open space for networking and peer learning.


Do you have a project that deals with diversity, inclusion, participation and democratisation? Are you running a participatory initiative creating  a dialogue with diverse communities, sectors and movements? Is your project creating open, inclusive public spaces? Are you working at the intersection of culture and environmental, social and economic sustainability or cultural work? Is your project reflecting on access to technologies and digital rights?

We want to hear from you if your project fits into at least one of the following categories:

  • Cultural projects addressing cultural work and sustainability (cultural work and status of the artist; working and living conditions in the cultural sector; labour inequalities based on gender, class, age, origin, territory etc. and the precarity of artists and cultural professionals; environmental, social and economic sustainability; governance and participation in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of cultural policies, etc.).
  • Projects focusing on diversities (diverse and inclusive public spaces; decolonisation; LGBTQ+phobia, racism and discrimination in cultural practices; feminist cultures; diverse memories; reactionary movements and the new European far right; media plurality, etc.).
  • Projects dealing with participation and communities (community action and culture management; access, participation and democratisation of cultural institutions; participation and co-creation; culture, social well-being and community health; living well and well-being; the open design of public spaces; mediation, etc.).
  • Projects reflecting on digital environments (digital environments and public spaces / democracy; digital heritage; digitisation in cultural and creative sectors; opportunities and inequities in digital cultural participation, etc.).
  • International and/or European cultural and artistic projects dealing with one or more of the above-mentioned topics (we strongly encourage Culture Action Europe members to send their projects).
  • Spanish and Catalan cultural and artistic projects dealing with one or more of the above-mentioned topics.
  • Priority will be given to projects addressing more than one of the above-mentioned topics.

A total of 36 projects will be selected by the conference's Advisory Council. Fifty per cent of the selected projects will be Spanish/Catalan; the rest will be international/European.

The Advisory Council members are:

Sergi Diaz (Instituto de Cultura de Barcelona)
Inês Câmara (Culture Action Europe)
Natalie Giorgadze (Culture Action Europe)
Jordi Pascual (UCLG - United Cities and Local Governments)


The selected projects will have full access to the CULTUROPOLIS: International Days on Cultural Rights programme and workshops as participants:

  • Pechakucha presentation (17 or 18 November)
  • Marketplace, where we will provide you a table and two chairs in a common space (17 or 18 November)
  • Speed-dating activities to network with the conference's international attendees, both practitioners and researchers (17 or 18 November)
  • Workshop participation using the World Cafe method (17 or 18 November)
  • Air time to present your project on local community radio and television channels covering the conference (XRCB - Barcelona Community Radio Network and La Veïnal TV)
  • International audience
  • Inclusion of your project in conference communications


The conference organisers will cover the costs of the selected projects as follows:

  • Travel and accommodation (three nights) for one representative of the selected project if you are coming from outside Catalonia, Spain.
  • Per diem (3 days) for one representative of all selected projects.

Participation in CULTUROPOLIS: International Days on Cultural Rights is free of charge.

Does it sound interesting? Submit your proposal before 15 July by applying below. The results of the selection process will be communicated by mid-September.