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Flavita Banana
Flavita Banana

A cartoonist, illustrator, and sketch artist, she studied Art and Design at the Massana School of Art and Design in Barcelona. Her work narrates the absurd and comical aspects of human relationships and the way people relate with the social networks. She has illustrated books like Curvy (Lumen, 2016) and is author of Las Cosas del Querer (The Things of Love, Lumen, 2017), Archivos Estelares (Stellar Archives, ¡Caramba!, 2017), which is a compilation of her best two hundred cartoons, and Archivos Cósmicos (Cosmic Archives ¡Caramba!, 2019). She works on a regular basis with media outlets such as El País, S Moda, La Maleta de Portbou, BCNMés, and Revista Mongolia. In 2018 she received the Gat Perich prize for graphic humour.