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Joana Dark
Joana Dark
Joanna Dark presents her first EP, “La Libreta”

"La Lireta" is the first EP by Joana Dark, a musical and research project created with the intention of transporting to the present day those songs that left a record of costumbrismo and the traditions of past centuries in Catalonia.

Through the recovery of ancient texts, she seeks reflection on the rural roots of our current customs, as well as the analysis of their present, always from the perspective of women.

"La Lireta" is based on one of the most important works of the Catalan ethnologist and folklorist: Joan Amades. The very specific search and selection has been made based on a key objective for the project: to give a voice to the woman of the last century and give her a new perspective.

Joana Dark is a project initiated by Ariadna Rulló, who, leafing through her father's books and sketches, decides to enter for the first time the universe of folkloric imaginary that she was able to nurture since she was a child and take it to her peers, transforming its format but maintaining the original lyrics.

The artist's hybrid direct seeks to bring traditional melodies closer to today's public and experiment with them, making a reinterpretation adapted to the contemporary sound context, with electronic music having special weight.