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Cooperative that promotes collective processes of building knowledge, cultural practices and forms of relationship

LaFundició is a cooperative created in 2006 that promotes collective processes of construction of knowledge, cultural practices and forms of relationship, understood as resources of common use and as "controversial" and situated activities. Our main line of action is based on continued collaboration with different action groups and organizations. In 2013 we opened a physical space in the Bellvitge neighborhood (L'Hospitalet) that wants to become a small social and cultural laboratory in which to experiment with collective, democratic and cross-border ways of relating and of building and putting culture and knowledge into circulation.

As a cooperative, LaFundició is a tool to regularize our situation as workers within the precarious cultural sphere and, at the same time, a form of horizontal organization that is sensitive to the social return of our work. This responds to our interest in rethinking and redistributing the ways and places (based on the analysis and awareness of the power relations that run through them) in which knowledge and cultural practices are elaborated and transmitted.