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Rumba all stars
Rumba all stars
Catalan rumba group

Catalan rumba group formed by Carabutsí and the great heavyweights of this musical genre.

Passing through the 3 neighborhoods par excellence where Catalan Rumba was born, in Carrer la Cera, Gràcia and Hostafrancs.

Three gypsy communities come together to be able to share a day of celebration and joy at the Parallel, but also to claim that the Rumba is alive, which is one of the most popular and traditional musical engines of this city and of the whole country.

The artists who will play are:

  • PERET REYES (Peret's palm tree for 35 years, singer from Chipen, Papawa..)
  • SICUS CARBONELL (Singer of Sabor de Gràcia, Enderrock 2021 award)
  • MUCHACHO SERVIOLE (Singer of Muchacho y los Sobrinos, musician of Peret, Troba kung-fu and Macaco).
  • ALBA BIOKE (Singer of Rumba and other styles, ALVORIGEN and CANCIOGRAMA)
  • SAM-MOSKETÓN (Singer of the Achilifunk Band, Papawa and director of CARABUTSÍ-EMUGBA BCN City Award 2019)
  • Joves Carabutsins (Percussions and jaleos) They are all great rumbers and artists.