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Culturarios · Humus de iniciativas culturales en el campo
Fertile ground of cultural initiatives in the field

The main goal behind Culturarios is to establish artistic mediation as a key piece of the cultural policies, programmes and projects that are implemented in the State’s rural environment. This is why it attempts to contribute new models for managing and creating culture in the field, providing the means for accessing and producing them through collective knowledge and by encouraging relations between residents, cultural agents and institutions.

Culturarios involves research into artistic mediation. As part of the process, the State is divided into eight areas where a study is undertaken of the projects being carried out there. The result is the publication of Geografías Culturales and the collaborative documentary Red difusa, created among more than 30 cultural agents from across Spain aiming to generate a take on rural areas and coexistence with their projects.

Culturarios (Fertile ground of cultural initiatives in the field) is an El Cubo Verde-Xarxa d'Espais d'Art al Camp project, with financial support from the Daniel i Nina Carasso Foundation.