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Hybrid meeting, creation and debate space for young people

Harrotu ileak is a long-term project proposed as a collaboration space between young people, the Tabakalera International Centre of Contemporary Culture and several artists. It is defined as a hybrid meeting, creation and discussion point held on Fridays and which has become a benchmark for many young people from Donostia living in precarious circumstances.

In the creation processes carried out at Harrotu ileak for producing a photographic exhibition, videoclip or stage piece, social-justice issues in the public sphere, stereotypes and stigmas linked to the bodies living in the margins and which fail to tally with the community hegemony have been questioned. It is in this framework that one of the main training periods has been to detect a lack of non-Western references in the city’s cultural institutions.

The project covers three types of needs: it is a safe and peaceful space for building relations through feelings; it contributes artistic training for collectively building other imageries and expressions, giving dialogue and visibility to the cultural diversity we are living together in; and it encourages the group's diversification and opening up to young people with different characteristics.