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LA YAPA. Acción Escénica de arte público
Scenic public-art initiative in the city of Múrcia

La Yapa is a collective creation project, a travelling public-art on-the-street initiative performed with the community where masks, interaction with the environment of the city of Múrcia and visual experiences shape numerous symbolic frameworks in the form of communion and re-signification of places.

The proposal is based on a public-art creation workshop with the community, with the aim of bringing about a show for reclaiming and highlighting several under-used spaces in the El Carmen and San Andrés neighbourhoods, with local residents joining in. The project's artistic team meet the area's diversity and are made up of people of fairly varied cultural origins, ages and capacities, accompanied by the La Aye company. As a result, La Yapa follows a route along the city’s streets during which it performs three artistic initiatives associated with three spaces chosen during the collective creation process.

La Yapa is a creation of the La Aye Company, with support for production from the Murcia Region Institute of Cultural Industries and Arts, in collaboration with the Párraga Centre and Múrcia City Council’s municipal theatres. The show premières on 19 May.