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©Foto: Terren Hurst

An initiative for protecting, accessing, creating and developing culture from a social and cross-cutting perspective

A project working to bring visibility to vulnerable collectives, prevent structural and symbolic violence and generate spaces and tools for accessing and producing culture. Starting from an intersectional and eco-pacifist feminist perspective, the project creates links between social players as a means of positioning culture as the driving force for development and sowing the seeds for creating a pacifist and transcultural society.

Protecting cultural rights is an issue addressed by the academies and institutions but unresolved in the social reality. Hence ONGD Liminal’s aim to generate community working for cultural protection, access, creation and development from cross-cutting, human-rights-promoting principles: social and community action, cultural-diversity respect and inclusion, feminism, political influence.

Adopting a dynamic and transnational focus, it aims to create multi-player-approach projects that help to link developmental cooperation to culture by bringing it closer to civil society. In addition, this will enable national and international projects to be created to promote the building of intercultural relations, weaving an international social fabric that fights jointly the problems of inequality, deprivation and injustice.