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PLAY IT LOUD! - Striving for a more inclusive, equal music sector
A fight for a more inclusive and egalitarian music sector

Play it Loud! is a JM International project for ensuring the empowerment of women and under-represented youth groups through music.

The project aims to contribute to a more egalitarian and diverse music youth environment, welcoming under-represented young people so that they can make music their own, express themselves freely through it and play an active part in local and European democratic and communal centres, thereby helping to give shape to a more inclusive society.

Inspired in the Loud! Campament initiative, proposed by JM Norway, Play it Loud! got off the ground in April 2020 thanks to subsidies from the European Youth Foundation (EYF) and the Erasmus+ Programme. So far, the process has featured over 100 young musicians, cultural operators, associations staff and experts in youth work, the music industry, cultural management, gender equality and inclusion, as part of a series of local and international activities.

Play it loud! will continue into 2023 thanks to a second subsidy from the EYF’s work plan, with new initiatives for expanding awareness of underprivileged youth groups in the area of music.