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©Foto: Terren Hurst

Routa Company's Employment Model
Self-employed artistic work within a production company

This is a stable-employment model for self-employed artists which was awarded a Dance Fame Award in 2021 from the Union of Dance and Circus Artists of Finland.

Under the Routa company’s employment model, a full-time temporary dancer can allocate at least 25% of their workday to developing as an independent and freelance artist. They can devote the rest of the workday to rehearsals, preparations and performances of the show they have been hired for.

After graduation, a person develops artistically through their own efforts and usually not in exchange for pay. Routa’s proposed model aims to create a safe environment promoting the free artistic development of its dancers, relieving them of part of this burden. In addition, it provides individuals with a work space and an active and social community of colleagues, as well as support in directing, artistic production and publicity.

Under this model, Routa is joining the current discussion on the various types of artistic employment and meeting points for the self-employed and institutions.