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SAFE - Suitable Access For Everyone - Everything is a Journey
Culture and collective work for overcoming the obstacles that disabilities bring

A collective artistic project with people living with various disabilities in Ireland. Participants are receiving support from the Irish Wheelchair Association, in Waterford, and the Deenview Day Centre. What’s more, a small group taking part through online sessions is receiving support from the Dublin's Connections Arts Centre.

SAFE is based on prior experiences and methodologies developed by participants in the Deenview project and support staff between 2017 and 2020. The experiences are centred on dialogue, common exchange processes, co-creation of art objects, shared decision-taking and co-authorship. Problematic experiences and situations of exclusion, communication barriers, language modes and access issues are investigated jointly and through social, political and cultural participation. Each group co-creates and co-documents their journey through the project.

The team recently worked with artists and a film-maker to produce a documentary that shares these experiences, for presentation at the project’s event in September 2022.

The SAFE project receives funding from the Arts Council’s Arts Participation Project Award (2022), in Ireland.