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An executive committee for harmonising Europe’s music education

The SCHEME consortium was established in 2014 as part of a Creative Europe network project. The organisation brings together the three pan-European associations, AEC, EAS and EMU, which together cover the entire institutionalised educational area, from early age to higher education and permanent learning.

The institutionalised music education sector is facing drastic challenges and changes. Old teaching models no longer cover the needs of a digitalised society that will only survive if traditional ideas of participation, diversity and sustainability are rethought.

A music education prepared for the future requires a new profile of teacher, less an instructor and more a facilitator of the student-centred learning processes. Cultural education makes an important contribution to the individuals exercising their right to cultural and social participation. As a result, the cultural and social needs of individuals in a diverse society can only be satisfied where such diversity is reflected in the range of cultural education on offer.

The SCHEME+ project investigates the attributes that music teachers of the future will need and how the institutions have to be transformed to make that change possible.