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Trobades: Les dones a les arts escèniques
Trobades: Les dones a les arts escèniques
A space for reflection and constructing a collective narrative on the state of women in this sector, from a feminist perspective

This project is an Escena Gran initiative, in collaboration with Service for Granollers City Council’s Equality and with the revitalisation of Eixida, launched in 2020 to meet the needs for creating meeting and visibility spaces for women from the world of the performing arts in the Vallès Oriental.

The first edition of the project, in 2021, involved an invitation and four online meetings that 25 women took part in, associated with several roles, professions and duties in the local and county scope of the performing arts. The edition was aimed at creating a space for sharing experiences and developments, building a collective diagnosis narrative on the state of women in the sector, bringing visibility to the presence of women in the performing arts and setting out proposals for improving and drawing out future lines for developing cultural policies.

Trobades led to a few conclusions and proposals for continuity, a written account of the meetings and a travelling exhibition featuring the perspectives of the illustrators Clara Sáez and Gala Pont, which is still on the road visiting several parts of the region.

The second edition of Trobades will be held in November 2022, this time in a face-to-face format.