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Inês Câmara
Inês Câmara
Culture Action Europe (CAE) Board member and president of the A Reserva association

Inês created Mapa das Ideias, with Ana Fernambuco and Daniela Araújo, in November 1999. Her activity at Mapa das Ideias thrives on the overlapping of different areas such as Education, Mediation, Marketing and Management for the fields of Culture, Heritage and Citizenship. Her primary focus relates to marketing and project development, being also responsible for the creative department, as well as the consultancy and research sector. Inês is also quite active as a lecturer and trainer, both in academic and non-academic settings. Within Mapa’s, she was the coordinator of the Knowledge transfer project, Museum Mediators Europe, between 2012 and 2014. Inês is also President of the non-profit “A Reserva”, created in 2015, that focuses on research and community development based upon the arts, non-formal education and cultural entrepreneurship. She is also a Board member of the Portuguese Association of Museology.

At present, she is also President of Culture Action Europe.