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Yassen Vasilev
Yassen Vassilev
Dramatist, creator and critic

Yasen Vasilev works in the field of contemporary dance as a creator, dramatist and critic. He graduated in Dramaturgy from the Sofia Academy (2013) and has a Master's in Intercultural Communication from the Shanghai Theatre Academy (2016). The practical research for his Master’s thesis on the politics of dance, NUTRICULA (2015-) has been developed and presented in the form of workshops and performances on an international level. IMPOSSIBLE ACTIONS, a collective performance for 10 participants, prototyped during a residency in Taipei in 2019, was produced by Radar Sofia in 2021 and won the annual Sofia City Council dance prize. It is currently on tour for the 2021-2022 season, performed by local artists in Bulgaria, Slovenia, Norway, Malta and Belgium. Yasen is the co-founder of Radar Sofia and Drama Pact, a regular collaborator of Springback Academy and dramatist of the choreographer Ehsan Hemat (Iran/Belgium).