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FINESTRES OBERTES (OPEN WINDOWS) - Deadlines & Dragons. Controversial and situated practices
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Paral·lel 62 (Club)
Space to share the methodologies of community projects that work on artistic and cultural participation

LaFundició proposes playing "Deadlines&Dragons", a role-playing game about the relationship between artistic practices - territories - communities. A game to share and reflect on situated cultural and artistic practices that seek to achieve the common good.

LaFundició is a cooperative created in 2006 that promotes collective processes of construction of knowledge, cultural practices and forms of relationship, understood as resources of common use and as "controversial" and located activities. Its main line of action is based on ongoing collaboration with different action groups and organizations. In 2013, it opened a physical space in the neighborhood of Bellvitge (L'Hospitalet) that aims to become a small social and cultural laboratory in which to experiment with collective, democratic and cross-border ways of relating and of building and putting culture and knowledge into circulation.



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