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Popular parade 10 Years of the Albareda
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Meeting point: Plaça de la Bella Dorita
Popular, artistic procession round the Poble-sec neighbourhood to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Albareda Cultural Centre.

The Cercavila or parade is one of the most deeply rooted expressions of Catalan folk festivals. They showcase the expressions of popular and traditional culture that invite people to take part and enjoy the festival. Cercaviles have been evolving as a reflection of the evolution of our societies and are now diverse in both tradition and format. Either way, cercavila means festival, gathering on the streets and enjoying culture. 

Together with the organisations that are part of the Albareda Cultural Centre and open to all those local residents who wish to take part, there will be a procession with different stops to enjoy artistic performances and popular culture.

The procession will cross Paral·lel to unite the different neighbourhoods that surround it and will be a call to meet and celebrate as the best way to move forward as a community.

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©Foto: Timon Studler


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