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The Recycled Playground
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Avinguda Paral·lel
An imaginative, conscious and friendly play area.

“The recycled playground” invites children of all ages, their friends and families to play on the streets. The materials available for the experience are all recycled items that have no specific purpose, so they can be transformed into any kind of hut, costume, obstacle course or sculpture imaginable. Play is a process. So, “The recycled playground” is constantly changing and will never be the same twice! It reflects people’s creativity and the play taking place at any given time.
What are the playground guidelines?
Have as good a time as you can while you’re there and try not to hurt yourselves or anyone else.
Adults, try to let the children choose and direct what happens but join in and don’t be embarrassed!
Bear in mind this is a space for everyone. Make sure the play is not so boisterous that it excludes people from the play space or prevents other games.
And, if you have any doubts, approach a member of the team!

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