The Cultural Rights Plan launched by the 6th Deputy Mayor will start to be implemented during the current term of office, under nine linked government measures and a specific communication strategy, championing such fundamental rights as the right to engage in cultural practices and participate in cultural activities associated with education, to communal and traditional cultures, to creation and recognition of diversity and also access to information, knowledge, and heritage, among others, connected to the following areas: 

– Culture in neighbourhoods and community action
– Grassroots culture and cultural sectors
– Popular cultures
– Culture and education
– Feminist culture
– Culture and public space
– Cultural innovation and digital rights
– Museums and the city's cultural heritage
– Libraries

New public policies will be developed to recognise and extend cultural rights and guarantee their application as a fundamental part of democratic life in Barcelona, including pushing ahead with specific initiatives such as the implementation of the sixth hour for artistic activities; free admission to museums for visits to permanent collections; boosting existing programmes that embody the philosophy of the plan to 100%, such as Barcelona Districte Cultural, En Residència, the Library Reading Action Programme, and artistic and scientific residencies; the promotion of new initiatives that put creators at the centre, such as the Biennal Manifesta and the new grants programme; the creation of Casa de la Música; the promotion of the cultural REC currency, for taking part in the city’s cultural activities and the Baixos de Protecció Oficial programme which helps to provide ground-floor premises for cultural uses.