What you’re about to read has been paid for from your taxes.

Want to know why?

Barcelona City Council is investing 6% of its budget in recognising and expanding cultural rights in Barcelona.

Of course, when someone forks out that much cash, it's a good idea if they tell people why, isn’t it?

For starters, you ought to ask yourselves: “WHAT THE BLAZES ARE CULTURAL RIGHTS?”


In other words, without culture we’d basically be sleeping, eating and crapping.

That may well be a truly brilliant plan for some, but it’d probably be a tad unambitious for most.

"Culture is the creative workshop with which citizens can imagine responses to our common challenges.” (The 2020 Rome Charter)

Through culture, we train for real life: we learn to live with one another, defend our rights, enjoy art, improve our sensory perception, share experiences and so on.

But we have the right to take part in it and to share, enjoy, create, discover and protect it in all its diversity!

What's more, culture must ALWAYS be a matter of free will. We need to be able to pick and mix in an easy and accessible way. Because there’s no one culture, there’s a huge number of cultures. And no culture should prevail over the others.

Yes, that’s all well and good. But what's the City Council going to do about all this?

We’re speaking, then, of 9 measures and 100 initiatives in total which are to be implemented by 2023 and boast a budget of close to 68.7 million euros.

If all that seems a bit rich to you, we recommend you visit our www.barcelona.cat/aqui-es-fa-cultura web page to get up-to-date with all the initiatives being launched and how you can take part in them!

Cities are all the beliefs, values and creative activities of their citizens.

Cities are
and culture
is a right.

Aquí es fa Cultura

Want to know about the initiatives that Barcelona City Council will be launching? This fanzine gives you 9 hidden examples; if you haven’t found them, scroll up!

Concept and text: Júlia Barceló

Illustrations: Juanjo Sáez, Néstor F., Olga Capdevila, Roberta Vazquez, Camille Vannier i Marta Altieri.

Concept and design: Agitació Gràfica + Mot