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Bea Pelea: Reggeatón Romantico



Bea Pelea

There are 13 ways to sing about love, heartbreak, sex or grief and they are contained in each of the tracks from Bea Pelea’s second album: Reggaetón Romántico Vol.2. As a continuation of her debut album Reggaetón Romántico Vol.1, the iconic artist builds on a foundation of warm beats, putting her signature on the great classics of Spain’s reggaeton of the future. Reggaetón Romántico is all you need to heal everything from a turn-on to a broken heart, and Bea Pelea presents it live at BAM 2021, accompanied by her dance crew, amazing guest artists, costume changes and themes where Bea Pelea shines alone and in all her splendour with productions that are a pure delight.


Saturday 25 of September


Moll de la Fusta - Escenari Besòs