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Bikôkô: Aura Aura


Rhythm and blues/ Neo soul

Bikôkô: Aura Aura

Bikôkô is the R&B and neo-soul musical project of young Barcelona native Neï Bikôkô, who is presenting her first EP, Aura Aura, at BAM 2021. This work is produced entirely by her and invites listeners on a cyclical journey that explores how music makes up, modifies and conditions people’s daily lives. The EP contains 6 songs, each referring to a different part of the day and what it means to the artist. To mould this work, Bikôkô drew inspiration from the artists who have influenced her most, such as Erykah Badu and D’Angelo, as well as songs from Tanzania and rhythms from West Africa. Bikôkô is only 19 years old and we already know that she will be one of the greatest examples of rhythm and blues and soul’s new cadences in this country.


Thursday 23 of September


Plaça de Joan Coromines