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A female voices morning from around the world



A morning starring three female voices and three main themes that come from several parts of the world.
Dani, a local Trinitat Vella artist, gets us into gear with the rhythm of R&B, soul and dancehall, inspired by his environment, unleashing his youthful power and restlessness.
The marimba, originating from Africa, is re-interpreted by Latin America’s Afro-descendant communities. Marimba sounds feature in this legacy and share with Mexican Veracruz sounds, currulaos from Columbia’s Pacific coast, Afro-peruvian rhythms integrated with jazz and other Mediterranean rhythms.
And, to round off the morning, Juliette Robles, born in Barcelona with living Peruvian origins. Her songs performed to the rhythm of Latin-American folklore, a touch of electronica and jazz harmonies express her concerns, quests and difficulties in understanding their wounds and diversity.

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Sunday 27 of September


Recinte Fabra i Coats