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Samantha Hudson

Illes Balears

Electrònica / Disco / Punk

Samantha Hudson

Samantha Hudson was born as an innocent high school assignment, but has become an ambitious musical project that plays with the paradigms of gender, sex and freedom of expression. Samantha is another extension of the personality of Iván González, a young 21-year-old Mallorcan, responsible for this living performance that, spontaneously and with no explanation, has emerged from the deepest underground queer scene. The artist does not sing or dance, but that’s no problem for this transvestite who defines herself as “the Queen of the Underworld” and is ready to give a no-holds-barred performance. Samantha Hudson will be at BAM 2021 presenting the songs from her new album with Subterfuge: Liquidación total.


Saturday 25 of September


Moll de la Fusta - Escenari Besòs