Commitments from organisations

Índex Entitats del Compromís

More than 1.000 signatory organisations to the + Sustainable Barcelona network and the Barcelona Climate Commitment are working to alleviate climate change for everyone’s benefit.

And they are doing that in the areas of mobility, waste, greenery, consumption and energy, through initiatives, projects and proposals of every kind aimed at putting a halt to climate change.

Discover what they are doing. There are plenty of good ideas to discover and adopt in your daily life. Putting a halt to climate change is everyone's business.

We are working on a bioclimatic building. The offices of the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA) and the Catalan Institute of Palaeontology (ICP) have been designed with a clear commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, in both its use of energy and water resources and the materials used in its construction.

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Entorn XXI, empresa de serveis ambientals, ens comprometem a:

  • Treballar per la millora constant de Barcelona en matèria de medi ambient i de lluita contra el canvi climàtic.
  • En els nostres desplaçaments per la ciutat utilitzar sempre el transport públic, en ser més eficient i sostenible que el privat. Els trajectes curts els fem a peu o en bicicleta. I animem a la gent que faci el mateix.

i molt més...

Entorn XXI

En el marc de la celebració de la COP21 a París, l'AMB va aprovar, en el ple del Consell Metropolità, la Declaració pel Clima, que s'alinea amb els principals objectius europeus i internacionals en matèria de canvi climàtic i energia.

Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona

Estem construïnt jardineres amb fusta de palets per fer un hort urbà al pati. També hi hem instal·lat un compostador que començarà a funcionar coincidint amb la Setmana Europea de Prevenció de Residus, a finals de novembre. I a més, estem dissenyant un hort vertical que cobreixi les parets d'un espai tranquil al pati proper a l'hort escolar.

Institut Fort Pius


The Green Revolution: we are igniting the spark of the Green Revolution, a campaign to prevent climate change. We have invited families to take part, we have put up posters and spread the word on social networks, using the #LaRevolucioVerda hashtag. Will you join us?

Escola Sant Ramón Nonat

The La Sagrera school is taking part in the Day Without Cars: we celebrated the Day Without Cars. We organised some games related to sustainable mobility, we went around the superblock to find out what subject each junction was dedicated to, and we played a giant "oca" game themed on mobility. Many local residents and other curious pedestrians were interested in our work and we made ourselves known in the neighbourhood.

Escola la Sagrera

The Reina Violant school is taking part in the Day Without Cars: this year we actively participated in the Mobility Week and the Day Without Cars. The school spread itself out, with the surrounding streets becoming classrooms, sports fields, art studios and dance floors. All the children, from first to sixth years, went outside to do reading activities.

Escola Reina Violant

We are part of the Catalan Climate Change Office's voluntary agreements programme for the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG). The actions we have taken include: replacing our rented vehicle with a more efficient one, introducing teleworking and the use of ICTs in our client consulting service, producing our Mobility Plan and installing LED lighting and double blinds to provide heat insulation.


We are organising the International Environmental Film Festival (FICMA). a major event for the interaction between art and environmental culture. FICMA goes beyond the screening of environmental documentaries; it also has a wide range of activities designed so that everyone can take part, and participants include some of the city's institutions, companies and universities.


This initiative aims to identify business opportunities arising from environmental issues, in order to foster competitiveness among companies and to ensure that responsible innovation becomes a strategy for the development of the company.

Fundació bancària ”la Caixa” i Fundació Fòrum Ambiental

The Fuel Poverty Group (FPG) is a group of volunteers that offers advice on rates and supports actions in the homes of vulnerable people which help to reduce their expenditure on basic utilities (gas, electricity and water).

Fundació Acció, Benestar i Desenvolupament i Associació Ecoserveis

We organise Barcelona's Park(ing) Day, an annual event that takes place in two hundred cities worldwide. It consists of transforming various paid parking places on the street (e.g. the blue zone parking places) into small green parks, vegetable gardens, places where people can relax, bicycle repair shops, etc., with the aim of raising awareness about the need for a greener kind of city, with more public areas, cleaner air and sustainable mobility.

Associació Espai Ambiental i més de 60 organitzacions de Barcelona

We work to prevent food wastage. In 2014, we organised the Gran Dinar [The Big Lunch], a free meal made from recovered food, to make the general public more aware about food wastage.

Plataforma Aprofitem els Aliments (PAA)

We promote the responsible consumption of fish through the #PeixdeCustòdia hashtag. This is about locally caught fish that benefits our coastal fishermen. The fish are caught using selective techniques that have a low environmental impact. We offer a weekly #PeixdeCustòdia basket, and we have established the label; the product has been introduced in various restaurants and fishmongers' shops. In addition, a series of awareness-raising activities and instruments have been developed.

Submón i Acciónatura

We are promoting the 22@ District Certificate project, with the aim of making Poblenou's 22@ innovation district (in Sant Martí) the first one hundred percent energy certified district in Barcelona.

Associació 22@Network Bcn


Every year, Lavola calculates, reduces and compensates for the whole organisation's GHG emissions, including all their activities and offices around the world. Lavola certifies its carbon neutrality with the Clean CO2 certificate.

1st Objective: a 50% reduction by 2020 (starting from 2014) in CO2 emissions in scopes 1 and 2, taking into consideration all the company's installations and operations around the world.

2nd Objective: annual offsetting for the company's carbon footprint by means of carbon offset certificates (VCS or Gold Standard).


What contribution does our company's activities make in terms of climate change? That is what we measure though participation in the voluntary agreements programme for CO2 reduction, promoted by the Generalitat of Catalonia's Catalan Office of Climate Change. Every year, we introduce an initiative to reduce this footprint. For example: organising ourselves to work from home and reduce travelling; distributing desks in order to use lighting more efficiently and save electricity.

ARDA Gestió i estudis ambientals

We have installed a vertical vegetable garden, following the school's green improvement project. Last year, the landscaping of the primary school playground began: a vertical garden was created with wheels and aromatic plants; we planted some bushes and one or two trees in large wooden boxes, along with some climbing plants to make a fence greener.

Escola Estel

We contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by energy saving in our buildings (a 15% reduction in electricity and 33% reduction in gas consumption between 2010 and 2015), the creation of a car-sharing community (fes_edit UB-UPC) and the introduction of a deposit, refund and return system (SDDR) to prevent packaging waste and to foster recycling.

Reducing consumption

Car sharing comunity

Packaging recovery system 

Universitat de Barcelona (UB)