More Sustainable Barcelona

The “Citizen Commitment to Sustainability 2012-2022: for a fairer, more prosperous and self-sufficient Barcelona” is a document with strategic value that aims to inspire and serve as a framework for all citizen organisations that want to contribute to improving the city’s sustainability. The Commitment establishes 10 main objectives, each with 10 lines of action to be implemented by 2022.

The document was drafted in 2012 during a process that involved organisations from the network of signatories to the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability for 2002-2012 - Barcelona Agenda 21. It is, therefore, a second generation document that contains pending issues and sets out the city’s new challenges. Since its inception, it has enjoyed wide support from the different groups in the city.

The network of signatories comprises educational centres, associations, companies, universities, professional associations and trade unions, amongst others. Barcelona City Council itself is a member of the network and as part of its commitment it has taken on the leadership of the organisations in the city. Through a technical secretary, signatory organisations have access to specific advice and a consultation service, as well as shared communication methods (website, newsletters, etc.), training sessions and opportunities for meetings, exchanges, collaboration and projection of their initiatives.