The Climate Plan is a strategy that has been co-produced with local citizens in three regards: the demand to create the plan came from the More Sustainable Barcelona network; to draft the plan, participatory sessions were organised and the Decidim digital platform was used to gather contributions, and citizens are also involved in the implementation of the plan through the climate projects.

The Climate Plan is being implemented through some twenty projects that are being launched and developed in two stages:

  • Projects from the Barcelona Climate Commitment 2015-2017, which was the starting point for the Climate Plan.
  • New line of subsidies to promote collaborative projects between the Administration and local citizens with the following objectives:
    • Boost citizen involvement.
    • Support collective citizen actions.
    • Promote and foster innovative initiatives.
    • Use co-creation processes.
    • Contribute to the achievement of Barcelona’s Climate Commitment objectives.

On the occasion of the COP21, Barcelona City Council and the 800 citizen organisations linked to the More Sustainable Barcelona network, signatories of the 2012-2022 Citizen Commitment to Sustainability, signed the Barcelona Climate Commitment. A roadmap with a series of projects to make the city's commitment to combating climate change more explicit by involving the general public.

Over two years, a total of nine projects were developed. These have been their results.

Barcelona Climate Commitment projects

Strengthening sustainable mobility in the Sants-Montjuïc district

Boosting sustainable mobility in Sants-Montjuïc through communities empowered to share electric vehicles with renewable energy.


  • Som Mobilitat, SCCL
  • Biciclot, SCCL
  • Som Energia, SCCL
  • Associació Coordinadora d’Entitats per la Lleialtat Santsenca

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Espai d'intercanvi de la Barceloneta. Green Point 2.0

A Green Point 2.0. A meeting place for the circular economy and to make this a local service as well as a reference point for environmental education.


  • Tarpuna, SCCL
  • CIM private foundation
  • Associació Barceloneta Alerta

MYP pel clima: creating a vertical community garden

Creation of a vertical community garden using a DIY formula to transform the school playground, with all the community taking part and an immediate effect on the environment.


  • AMPA IES Menéndez y Pelayo
  • World Nature Foundation
  • Galanthus Natura Association

Passive reform and active awareness for combating energy poverty

Creation of an open-source tool for helping managers of social housing (social organisations) to establish an action protocol to reduce energy poverty for the people living there.


  • Hàbitat3 Third sector private foundation
  • Ecoserveis
  • Green Building Council España

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Zero energy poverty: empowering the neighbourhoods

Network for detecting people at risk of suffering from energy poverty based on the training and participation of the groups involved: teachers, senior citizens and third sector organisations.​


  • The Catalan Association of Engineers Without Borders
  • Alliance against Energy Poverty (APE)
  • Barcelona Federation of Residents’ Associations (FAVB) 

Research blocks and creation in Compulsory Secondary Education. Strategies to transform your secondary school

Development of an action plan at the Institut Quatre Cantons as a result of research work carried out by the school’s own students, with technical support from Societat Orgànica and Biohabita!


  • Institut Quatre Cantons
  • Societat Orgànica +10, SCCL
  • Biohabita!

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Som Blau

With a global perspective but a local focus, strategies for mitigating and adapting to climate change will be promoted through communication and environmental education for the young people of the city. The aim is to raise awarenesses and educate people about the effects of climate change in Barcelona, especially its effects on the city’s marine and coastal ecosystems.


  • Eco-union
  • Posidonia Green Project
  • Institute of Marine Sciences

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Barriers and opportunities of mosaic roofs

Following the Mosaic Roofs project (created in November 2015) promoting the Green Roofs Competition, the aim is to collect, manage, analyse and publish key data through seminars involving interest groups linked to this competition.


  • Solucions Eixverd, SL
  • 4A+A Arquitectura Ambiental
  • Entorn XXI
  • COAC
  • Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA-UAB)

Climate Change Challenge. Big data for the city

Designing, preparing and meeting a challenge involving UB Data Science students and based on city data about climate, mobility, urban planning, green, health etc. The aim is to transform the common space (planning in a climate framework) and collective construction.


  • University of Barcelona
  • Ana Villagordo Vegara
  • Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal)

Let's Stand Together Against Climate Change

Educating players in the socio-cultural field in climate change, so they gradually incorporate it into the facilities, workshops and activities they promote and/or manage.


  • Lavola 1981, SA
  • Twentic Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación, SL
  • Trànsit Projectes, SL

Educational Resource on Climate Change (RECC)

Co-creating a digital platform with tools and methodologies for learning about climate change, with scientists, teachers, students, designers and web developers.


  • Ersília private foundation
  • The Institute for Sustainability Science And Technology – ISST (UPC)
  • Institut Pau Claris