The Climate Plan

Plan was approved at the Full Municipal Council Meeting of 26 October 2018, thereby satisfying one of the pledges undertaken in the Covenant for Mayors for Climate and Energy which the City Council had signed in 2017. The Climate Plan focuses on four large aspects on the 2030 horizon:

> Mitigation:

what are we going to do to cut emissions? We need to achieve a 45% per-capita reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2005.

> Adaptation and resilience:

how are we going to prepare ourselves, so that we are less vulnerable to climate change? We need to achieve a 1.6 km2 increase in urban greenery, which is equivalent to 1 m2 of greenery per resident, and a domestic consumption of drinking water that is below 100 l/residents/day.

> Climate Justice:

what are we going to do to guarantee the rights of the most vulnerable people? We need to achieve zero energy poverty.

> Promoting citizen action:

how are we going to support projects undertaken by organisations and the general public? Allocating €1.2 million in subsidies for collaborative citizen projects (€200,000 twice a year).

The plan is divided into five areas of action:

Each of these five areas will be developed along a total of eighteen lines of action and 242 measures. Download the plan here.