Climate Emergency Committee

The Climate Emergency Committee's goal is to produce the content for the Barcelona Climate Emergency Declaration, which will come into force on 1 January 2020.

This is a Sustainability Council working group which aims to maintain the spirit of collective participation and commitment with which the Barcelona Climate Plan was drafted. The Spanish state and the Generalitat administrations, along with all the municipal groups, have joined together in order to create a framework that will commit the City Council and all the other stakeholders involved to tackling the climate emergency.

Before 31 December 2019, the Committee will have established a 2020-2025 Action Plan, with specific measures to be implemented that will effectively tackle the climate emergency, and will carry out the monitoring and evaluation tasks. It will also be the body that the City Council will be accountable to, in terms of its progress on and compliance with its acquired commitments.

The Action Plan's co-production process

The Committee will work on developing the action plan from September to December, in four workshop sessions.

Initially, the following themes will be discussed: mobility; energy-renovation-generation-self-consumption; materials and waste; food and consumption; circular economy-production; adaptation-biodiversity; vulnerable people; review of objectives.

The work sessions will be held on Thursdays, on 3 October, 17 October, 7 November and 28 November, from 5:30 to 8 pm. Mechanisms for online participation, open to organisations and individuals, will also be provided.

Anyone interested in taking part should register on the Decidim website. On 1 January 2020, the climate emergency will be declared and the Action Plan will be set in motion. The Committee, using the procedures it decides upon, will become the body responsible for monitoring, evaluating and accountability.