Barcelona Energia: useful information and pricing

Barcelona Energia (BE), the metropolitan distributor of 100% renewable energy, is maintaining its 2020 pricing and personalised advice to improve the efficiency of energy consumption among all families and businesses. Information on the service can be requested by emailing or calling the freephone number 900 906 807.

22/01/2021 - 10:27 h - Environment and sustainability Ajuntament de Barcelona

BE distributes 100% renewable energy which comes from the metropolitan biogas plant, from all the City Council’s solar panelling installations and through the purchase of renewable energy from other producers via public tendering.

The distributor was set up in 2018 to promote a fairer, more efficient, sustainable and transparent energy market. It puts the well-being and empowerment of citizens before profit and has not increased its prices in January 2021.

The cheapest 100% renewable tariff

Barcelona Energia offers the cheapest pricing for 100% renewable power on the market through its variable rate, which allows users to pay for power at the real market price at all times and save on the cost of safety margins charged with fixed-rate tariffs.

Various citizen tariffs are recommended according to household energy use:

  • For a rational use of energy: the efficient rate.
  • For those who always want to pay the same price: classic fixed rate.
  • For self-producers of energy or those with a self-production solar panelling installation: solar rate. Energy renovation grants are available for the installation of solar panelling.
  • For those wishing to pay the real cost of electricity at any hour: variable rate.

To contract the service, users need an electricity bill and an email address, and to choose their tariff online and fill in the application form. If in doubt, the BE website includes a price simulator to decide which rate is best in each case.

There are also various pricing options for shops and businesses, such as the variable, company fixed rate and solar tariffs.

BE can be contacted by emailing or calling the freephone number 900 906 807.

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