BSM facilities to get 10,000 square metres of solar panelling

Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (BSM) is to equip its facilities with 4,200 square metres of solar panelling over the next two years, designed for self-consumption and helping towards the energy transition to a self-sufficient model, less reliant on fossil fuels.

12/06/2024 - 13:56 h - Climate emergency Ecologia Urbana

In all, the municipal company will install 9,700 m2 of solar panelling, enabling it to multiply its power generating capacity by eight, with nearly 2MW of photovoltaic power capacity installed. The energy generated at these facilities will be able to cover 15% of the annual power consumption of BSM facilities as a whole. The rest will continue to come from 100% renewables, certified at source, as is currently the case.

The project has an overall budget estimated at 4 million euros and the sites for the panels were chosen taking into account their orientation, the characteristics of the buildings and the hours of sunlight they get. The largest photovoltaic installation is at the Port Olímpic, specifically on the rooftop at the Gastronomy Balcony, currently in its final stage of construction. These panels cover 3,560 m2 and have a capacity to generate more than 825,000 kWh a year. This is the biggest shared self-consumption facility in the city.

The energy provided from this installation covers the power consumption of the port and other nearby BSM spaces. In the case of the Port Olímpic, one notable aspect is that the energy produced will power the two chargers for electric boats, set to come into operation at the end of the summer. Their location on pergolas will also provide shade at the Gastronomy Balcony.

The Anella Olímpica will also play an important part in this energy self-sufficiency and decarbonisation plan. With 2,877 m2 of solar panelling, this facility will generate 791,060 kWh a year to cover part of its own power demand. The biggest power installation here, of 2,316 m2, has already started being installed at the Palau Sant Jordi and will be operational this year. The other, of 500 m2, will be located at the Estadi Olímpic.

The other large photovoltaic panel will be at Tibidabo, with an approximate surface of 1,600 m2 and located on a canopy covering the parking area. The installation is planned for 2025 and will have a power generating capacity of 360,000 kWh a year, covering part of the consumption of the park.

The new photovoltaic facilities, still at the study stage, will help boost the current generating capacity of Barcelona Zoo and Cemintiris de Barcelona. The Barcelona Nord bus station will get its first solar panelling installation and the Parc del Fòrum will have a panel of 101 m2.