The Climate Emergency Marathon cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 24%

The results of the sixth edition of Barcelona City Council’s campaign to raise awareness and promote best practice in energy and water saving and emissions reduction have now been published.

15/03/2024 - 13:34 h - Climate emergency Ecologia Urbana

The facilities participating in the 2024 edition of the Climate Emergency Marathon, which took place over four weeks in February this year, have managed to cut electricity consumption by 15.5%, water by 17.4% and natural gas by 27.6%. All together the campaign has helped to reduce emissions by 113 tonnes of CO2e.

A total of 52 of the city’s facilities participated in this, the sixth edition of the campaign. 13 schools (nurseries, primary and secondary schools), 14 civic centres and neighbourhood centres, 7 municipal sports centres, 6 cultural facilities (libraries and environmental education centres) and 12 administrative centres.

The aim of the Marathon is to raise awareness of the importance of personal actions to reduce energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Although the campaign only runs for a four-week period, the aim is for these actions to have a lasting impact.

The money saved through the energy and water-saving measures will go towards a project to improve thermal comfort in residential care homes for the elderly, one of the groups most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. This edition has raised a total of 10,000 euros for the project.

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