Data on consumption from the piped water network in Barcelona shows that the city consumes 21 million m3 less than 15 years ago, with a substantial reduction in domestic consumption (11 million m3, i.e. 27.37 litres less per inhabitant per day compared to 1999); trade and industry consumption (7.19 million m3 m3 less) and municipal service consumption (down 2.88 million m3). This latter sector has seen the greatest reduction, which is due both to more efficient use of water and the use of alternative water resources, mainly underground water.

Despite this, in order to use water reasonably and sustainably we need to pay attention to the details that might help, especially when it comes to domestic consumption: reducing the volume of water discharge (putting a full bottle in the tank or installing a double push-button switch); having a shower instead of a bath (up to 70% savings in water); turning off taps whenever you can; filling washing machines and dishwashers full (you will also save on electricity); re-using the water you clean your fruit and vegetables with for watering plants; and fixing taps or small water leaks as soon as you spot them