Extra public transport during pollution episodes

15/09/2017 - 18:25 h

Transport. Metro, tram and bus services will be boosted and the T-Aire will go on sale, a special transport ticket offering a 10% discount.

Metro, Tram, Bus, FGC i Rodalies ampliaran l'oferta, especialment en hora punta. A més, es posarà a la venda la T-Aire, un títol de transport especial que constarà de dos viatges i tindrà un 10% de descompte. Tot per facilitar l'ús del transport públic per davant del cotxe, reduir la contaminació i controlar l'efecte sobre la salut de les persones.

As from 1 December, if a pollution episode occurs, traffic restrictions will apply to cars without the DGT environmental classification sticker inside low emissions zones around Barcelona’s ring roads. The protocol will be backed up with extra public transport to guarantee mobility: The extra services are as follows:

  • Metro: During rush hours, an extra train will operate on each line, increasing the frequency of trains to one every three minutes. In addition, in December the 5% increase in trains due for this year will be completed, with seven extra trains on the network in rush hours. Extra service staff will also be on hand in the busiest stations during pollution episodes.
  • Tram: Two trams consisting of two modules will operate on the T1 and T4 lines and extra services will be laid on for the T5 and T6 lines. Trams will run more frequently, every four minutes instead of every five.
  • Buses: Fifty extra buses will be put into circulation in the city. Another 30 vehicles will be added to services connecting the Baix Llobregat and Barcelonès Nord areas with Barcelona, 15 for each area. Similarly, the express.cat bus network will be boosted with 25 extra vehicles. In order to facilitate bus access and circulation, provisional bus lanes will be set up on the way into Barcelona, on the B-23 and the Gran Via.
  • FGC trains: Extra services will be laid on. Throughout the day, the Vallès and Llobregat-Anoia lines will offer the same services as in rush hours.
  • Rodalies trains: Rush hour service levels will be maintained until 11 am on lines R1 and R4.
  • T-Aire: During pollution episodes, a multi-personal ticket will go on sale, offering two journeys with a 10% discount compared to the journey price using a T-10 ticket. For example, a single zone ticket will cost 1.80 euros.

More public transport for a more people-centred city

The traffic restrictions and the extra public transport services open the city up to a different mobility model which prioritises people’s health, pacifies neighbourhoods and regains space for use by citizens.

As the city moves towards this new model promoting sustainable mobility, incentives will be in place to get the vehicles which pollute the most off the roads, with the T-Verda, a personal and non-transferable ticket giving free access to public transport for three years. The ticket can be applied for as from 2 October and is available for adult citizens who have scrapped a polluting vehicle and who pay road tax within the municipal area covered by the ATM system.