Barcelona marches against climate change

29/11/2015 - 13:59 h

Environment. Thousands of people took part in the climate march to call for greater reductions in carbon dioxide emissions and demand the use of renewable energy.

Thousands of people took part in the worldwide march against climate change to call for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and demand the use of renewable energy.

The climate march took to Barcelona’s city centre to call for global policies against climate change. The initiative seeks a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and moves to promote renewable energy and pave the way for a sustainable energy model. Everyday citizens, members of ecology associations and representatives from political parties all took part. This is the second year running the city has held the march, organised by the Movement for Climate Justice. According to organisers, some 2,000 people took part last year and this time around the figure was higher.

The march started in Via Laietana, next to Av. Catedral, and headed up the street to Pl. Urquinaona before moving onto the Parc de la Ciutadella. Once at the park, a manifesto against climate change was read and speeches included those made by the scientist Salva Pueyo, the economist Arcadi Oliveres and the director of the Fundació Casa del Tibet de Barcelona, Thubten Wangchen.

Significant data

The march took place simultaneously on 29 November in a number of cities around the world using the hashtag #climatemarch. All the demonstrations took place a day before the start of the United Nations Climate Change Coneference in Paris, which brings together world leaders to agree measures on combatting climate change. The marches aim to be a public call for politicians to be committed to effective measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and move towards more sustainable and eco-friendly energy models.