Greater control of pollution levels

18/03/2018 - 12:10 h

Air quality. A new measuring station has been installed in Av. Meridiana and a new mobile unit added to gain more information on air quality in the city.

Barcelona’s air quality monitoring services have been boosted with a new measuring station in Av. Meridiana and a new mobile unit. The new measuring facilities will allow territorial information on air pollution to be published for the first time.

Controlling air quality means levels of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter can be measured in the city, allowing measures to be applied accordingly to reduce pollution and make the city healthier. The new measuring station in Av. Meridiana helps monitor air quality at a territorial level, in a street with heavy traffic.

The map detailing air pollution by neighbourhood is one of the 58 measures set out in the plan to combat pollution. The Air Pollution Monitoring and Forecasting Network in Catalonia (XVPCA) has eleven permanent monitoring stations in the city, along with one manual and 2 automatic stations for traffic and 3 manual and 5 automatic stations in the urban area.