Lower costs and better energy efficiency for market stallholders with Barcelona Energia

01/03/2021 - 12:42 h

Energy. The collective purchasing option means a saving of 15% off the price, representing some 500 euros per year per stallholder.

Barcelona Energia has been supplying electricity to all municipal markets since July 2018. The distributor will also now be offering its services to stallholders, who will be able to save 15% on costs (around 500 euros per stall per year) thanks to the collective purchasing option.

The public energy distributor will also be offering free studies to gauge energy needs and analyse costs for each establishment, helping to detect possible improvements and reduce the economic and environmental impact generated by businesses.

The switch to 100% renewable energy from Barcelona Energia could lead to each establishment saving an estimated two tonnes of CO2, equivalent to 12,088 kilometres driven in a diesel car.