Organisations and schools from the Eixample, Sant Martí and Ciutat Vella take part in planting tree pits.

29/05/2018 - 16:23 h

Environment. Barcelona is continuing with its policy of introducing more plant life, by planting flowers and plants in the city's tree pits.

Local organisations and the pupils of various education centres are helping to plant the city's tree pits, in order to make Barcelona greener and more sustainable.

After the eradication of the herbicide glyphosate, which hasn’t been used in the city for over a year, a new planting project for sowing the city’s tree pits is now under way, led by the Municipal Institute of Parks and Gardens.The aim is to naturalise green areas, increase the amount of native flora and foster biodiversity in the city’s tree pits, in order to create natural habitats that will help us to combat pests and infestations using biological means.

In response to requests made by some local-resident organisations, a pilot project has been launched that involves the voluntary collaboration of local schools and organisations in a project for sowing and planting the city’s tree pits. Flowers are being planted in various streets, not only bringing more plant life and healthier conditions for local residents, but also providing colour, especially in spring, when the plants bloom.

The organisations and schools taking part in this project have worked shoulder to shoulder with professional staff from the Municipal Institute of Parks and Gardens, who explained the benefits of having more plants in the city, as well as demonstrating the best planting techniques. These organisations are not only taking part in the initial planting, but also helping with maintenance and growth.

In recent weeks, people have been planting tree-pits in Consell de Cent, between Viladomat and Comte Borrell, with the help of the Jardins d’Emma Association and the area’s traders, as part of the activities included in the Fem barri! [Improving the neighbourhood] project.

The tree pits in Carrer Girona, between Diputació and Consell de Cent, were planted with the participation of the Aula Ambiental Sagrada Família, Coreixample Traders and Professionals Dreta de l’Eixample Association, the Sofia Barat Library, the Sagrat Cor – Diputació school, the AV Dreta de l’Eixample and the Dreta de l’Eixample Youth Centre.

The SCCL Environment Centre led the planting in Carrer Aldana, Carrer Viladomat, Passatge Pere Calders, a small section of Ronda de Sant Pau and Carrer Viladomat with Marquès del Campo Sagrado. The organisations taking part in this planting operation included: the Aula Ambiental Sagrada Família, Fem Sant Antoni, the Sagrat Cor-Aldana, Ferran Sunyer and Pia de Sant Antoni schools and the Cotxeres Borrell Civic Centre Children’s group.

Lastly, the tree pits in Plaça Carme Monturiol were planted with the help of the the Federation of Clot-Camp de l’Arpa Associations and the Antoni Miró Peris Neighbourhood Centre.

Depending on the results of this pilot project, the City Council will consider extending the experience to the general public, so that, by following a specific protocol, local residents can sow and plant the tree pits in front of their buildings.