Pledge to fight the climate emergency

05/07/2019 - 18:46 h

Environment. A working session bringing together experts, organisations and all public administrations will be held on 10 July.

The Mayor, Ada Colau, has convened a working session with various experts, organisations, and all public administrations to declare a climate emergency and draft a decree with specific measures to tackle it. Colau announced the initiative from the Greenpeace ship ‘Rainbow Warrior’, which was in Barcelona to embark on a new climate campaign.

The Greenpeace flagship was in Barcelona for various activities at the weekend, calling for urgent action on the climate crisis before sailing onto Malaga and Vigo to continue the campaign.

During the ceremony to open the Greenpeace campaign, the Mayor reaffirmed the municipal commitment to fight climate change: “We have a climate emergency which is questioning life and the survival of the planet. While some cities are taking steps backwards, in Barcelona we’re taking brave steps forward for a change of paradigm that can’t wait any longer”.

This is the goal of the working session on Wednesday 10 July, which will bring together experts, organisations, representatives from the Catalan and Spanish governments and municipal groups. The group will be tasked with drafting an emergency climate decree with specific measures to tackle the issue in terms of mobility, pollution and waste.