Pollution, a state problem

07/02/2018 - 18:24 h

Air quality. The municipal governments of Barcelona and Madrid once again call for greater involvement from the Spanish state to improve air quality.

The city councils of Barcelona and Madrid have called on the Spanish state to do more within its power to improve air quality and support action being taken at a local level. This is the second such request, the first having been ignored by the central government.

The two councils are asking the central government to team up with local, regional and autonomous administrations as part of a multilevel approach to combat pollution. At a municipal level, Barcelona is already implementing measures to improve air quality and mobility via the programme of measures to combat air pollution.

In 2107 the councils of Barcelona and Madrid called on the Spanish state to implement twelve measures against air pollution in areas where the state is responsible. A year on, the two municipal governments consider the central government’s effort on air pollution falls short.

In light of the call from the European Commission for a more ambitious plan to tackle high levels of pollution, both municipal administrations are demanding the central government supports measures being applied at a local level, also urging the state to:

  • Review the special tax on fuel, doing away with tax concessions for the purchase of diesel vehicles.
  • Modify vehicle registration tax, prioritising vehicles which pollute less.
  • Make DGT environmental labels obligatory for vehicles.
  • Apply discounts on road tolls for vehicles which pollute less.
  • Increase investment in public transport.
  • Establish measures to organise traffic circulation according to environmental criteria.
  • Review port and airport taxes, with greater distinctions according to levels of pollution.
  • Identify and promote measures at autonomous regional level which have an impact on the improvement of air quality.