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The Climate Emergency Marathon starts this Friday

27/01/2020 - 13:43 h

climate emergency. This year, the financial savings achieved will be allocated to the Hort al Terrat project, which makes use of the unused rooftops of municipal buildings to make allotments that will then be tended to by people with disabilities.

Over 70 buildings and municipal facilities are taking part in the Climate Emergency Marathon which, among other aspects, aims to raise awareness of the need to reduce energy, gas and water consumption, improve waste management and promote greenery. This year, the financial savings will be used for projects relating to community allotments on municipal roofs.

This year, the third edition of the Marathon will not only cover energy and water savings but will also be in line with the Climate Emergency Declaration made by the City Council on 15 January.

The Climate Emergency Marathon, an awareness and best practices campaign on the use and consumption of energy, gas and water as well as waste management starts this Friday. The Marathon will take place in February in a total of 72 municipal buildings and facilities in every district in Barcelona, with the aim of raising awareness of the city’s climate emergency.

The people who work at the participating municipal offices, as well as the users of the facilities, must watch as closely as possible how they consume energy, gas and water, try to reduce all the waste they produce to a minimum and sort such waste correctly.

Weekly checks of water, electricity, gas and CO2 emissions will be carried out in order to see if consumption and its environmental consequences have been reduced compared to previous years. The resulting financial savings will be converted into an amount of money to be spent on projects to address the climate emergency. This year, they will be used to promote a project for the creation of community allotments on municipal rooftops.

Various non-profit organisations are taking part in this initiative, which involves making use of the unused rooftops of municipal buildings to create allotments that will then be tended to by people with disabilities. The project uses new, less polluting technologies for growing crops and, after distributing the vegetables collected among the participating entities, any surplus produce is donated to community kitchens and food banks.

The 2019 Marathon and the E3 project

In the previous edition, the 62 participating Barcelona City Council buildings managed to reduce the energy used by public facilities by almost 13.46% in terms electricity; 9.6% in terms of water and 15.33% in terms of gas. A total of 407,377 kWh less electricity, 5,779 m3 less water and 815,978 kWh less gas were used in the various municipal offices.                                                                                                                       

Last year, the funds raised by the Marathon were allocated in full to the implementation of energy saving measures at the Barri Besòs, Doctor Puigverd and Rambla Prim secondary schools. The project, which is called E3, is an educational initiative based on energy rights.

The project has been carried out in conjunction with the schools’ students and teachers in order to decide on the measures to be implemented at each school. An example of this is the installation of a control system that uses a Web Server to control the heating schedule and monitor the operation of the system at all times.

At Dr. Puigverd secondary school, light fittings have been replaced with LED technology, and a lighting control system that uses motion detectors will be installed in hallways, toilets and other parts of the premises. These measures are contributing to a significant reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The aim of the initiative is to encourage people to reflect on the impact of small everyday actions on climate change and foster the energy empowerment of the education community.