Traffic restrictions also to apply to motorcycles which pollute the most

14/11/2018 - 12:18 h

As from 1 December the traffic restrictions applying to cars during NO2 pollution episodes will be extended to include motorbikes registered prior to 2003.

A campaign is now under way to inform motorcyclists that as from 1 December temporary traffic restrictions will be applicable during pollution episodes to mopeds, motorbikes, trikes and quads without the environmental rating badge issued by the DGT. Warnings of possible restrictions will be issued 48 hours in advance, with restrictions themselves in place between 7 am and 8 pm from Monday to Friday, for the duration of the episode.

Like cars, motorbikes and mopeds are classified using different environmental categories: B, C, ECO and zero emissions. Pre-Euro 2 motorbikes and mopeds, mainly corresponding to vehicles registered before 2003, have no environmental badge as they are considered to pollute much more. The environmental categories are as follows:

  • No badge: Euro 1, registered before 2003.
  • Badge B: Euro 2, registered as from 2003.
  • Badge C: Euro 3 and Euro 4, registered as from 2007.
  • ECO and zero emissions: Electric mopeds and motorbikes.

The DGT environmental rating badges can be obtained from any of the 85 post offices (Correus) in the city and applied for via authorised mechanics and administrators.

According to the DGT, 40% of mopeds and motorbikes registered in Barcelona correspond to the badge C rating, 19% to badge B and 1% to zero emissions. Displaying the DGT stickers on vehicles is voluntary and helps the city police identify vehicles during pollution episodes.

Check which environmental rating corresponds to your vehicle at

Recommendations during a pollution warning or episode

The City Council recommends people get around on foot or by bike using streets with the lowest volumes of traffic, or use public transport, avoiding the use of private vehicles. If there is no other option, car sharing is recommended.

People are also advised to adjust home heating or cooling systems and to be particularly aware of the effects of air pollution, changing sports routines to the times of day when pollution levels are lower.

Measures will also be taken to provide extra public transport, with 10% more services. Regulated parking prices for blue zones and non-resident green zones will also be put up, except for ECO and zero-emissions vehicles.


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