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World Environment Day invites us to rethink ourselves

29/05/2020 - 15:36 h

Environment and sustainability. This year’s programme has clearly been shaped by the changes caused by the global pandemic.

This year’s programme clearly points to the changes caused by the current health crisis and raises the need to rethink how we want to approach the ecological transition from now on.

World Environment Day is on 5 June and is promoted by the UN as a day for awareness and global action to protect the environment. Barcelona always joins in within the framework of Barcelona + Sostenible.

This year’s programme has been clearly shaped by the global pandemic, in terms of the format for activities, which will all be online, and content. The activities planned revolve around the need to explore what we’ve learnt during lockdown and what we want to be habitual from now on. At the same time, the idea is to stress how we’re currently at a turning point which invites us to rethink ourselves and rethink the city to make it healthier and more responsible.

The various online activities include the conference ‘World Environment Day. Rethinking Ourselves’ on 5 June, from 12 noon to 1.30 pm. The speakers are Eloi Badia, Councillor for Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition, Dr Marta G. Rivera Ferre, director of the Chair on Agro-ecology and Food Systems at the UVic-UCC and co-author of reports for the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and a representative from the Citizen Council for the Sustainability of Barcelona.

Barris + Sostenibles have also prepared a complete special programme for World Environment Day, with activities organised by environmental classrooms and facilities in the city, such as the talk on ‘The New Green’, organised by the Fàbrica del Sol on 4 June.

The Barcelona + Sostenible Map is offering Enigmapa B+S, an online game inviting people to discover projects, resources and groups with real local sustainable proposals in the city to move towards action.

The Escoles + Sostenibles programme has set out a challenge on responsible consumption, air quality and biodiversity, for the various participating schools to put forward ideas and action to improve our environment post-Covid.

The full programme can be found here.