The history of Barcelona through plans and engravings

9 March, 2017 | Barcelona People, Networking, Unknown City
01-nova descripcio famosa vila barcelona-1645

The history of cities can be pieced together using various types of documents. Cartography and engravings are original sources which can trace how the image of a city changes over the years. Thanks to the work and research of the collector Ramon Soley, over 740 engravings and plans can now be accessed online which show the transformation of Barcelona between the mid-17th century and the end of the 19th century. … Read more…

Sant Medir, a festival which unites various Barcelona neighbourhoods

27 February, 2015 | Barcelona People, Networking, Unknown City
Colla de sant Medir

A good many people automatically think of the Gràcia neighbourhood, at the mere mention of Sant Medir. That’s because the tradition grew up in the old village of Gràcia and its main events are still held in Gràcia’s streets, even if other Barcelona neighbourhoods today also celebrate that traditional festival. In fact, as many as eight neighbourhoods besides Vila de Gràcia have played host to Sant Medir collas or festival … Read more…

The Roquetes-Nou Barris Historical Archive, the guardian of the district’s historical heritage

5 December, 2014 | Barcelona People, Networking
llibres arxiu

This is the most important source for studying the district’s history. The Roquetes – Nou Barris Historical Archive has been compiling information concerning its 13 neighbourhoods for 31 years, in the form of photographs, information from organisations and interviews with local residents, who provide a lot of information about the area’s history. Little by little, through donations, it has gradually compiled a large, specialised document collection, providing an alternative to … Read more…

Is there a fountain nearby for a sip of water?

16 May, 2014 | Networking, Your City Council

It’s summer. It’s hot. We’re thirsty and a swig of water would do us a world of good. Finding a public fountain would come in handy. Barcelona is full of fountains; in fact it’s one of the cities with the most. There are nearly 1,600 of them, distributed over every neighbourhood. You can be sure that, wherever we are, there will be one close by. Even so, they are so … Read more…

App creators wanted to help solve social challenges

31 March, 2014 | Networking, Your City Council
foto app-

Can a mobile help to fight against school failure? Can a smartphone give a helping hand against sexual discrimination? Can an Android help with balancing work and family life for a single-parent family? These are just a few of the challenges that Barcelona has put to app creators, in a competition open to anyone who wishes to take part. The deadline for presenting the apps is 11 June. The APPS&SOCIAL … Read more…