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A stroll round Guinardó Park and its surroundings

2 September, 2013 | Barcelona People, Networking, Unknown City
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Barcelona has a lot of places for enjoying a good walk while discovering the history and heritage of the city’s neighbourhoods, and the summer can be a good time for walking round some of those places. El Pou, the Vall d’Horta i la Muntanya Pelada Studies Group, who we have done a few outings with round Horta, Sant Genís and the Vall d’Hebron, offer us a stroll round one of … Read more…

Gothic Barcelona’s historical fountains

24 July, 2013 | Unknown City, Your City Council
Detall font santa anna-foto JAF

We take taps and running water completely for granted today, but it was once an unheard-of luxury for many centuries. Although the Romans had built two aqueducts that supplied the city, houses lacked running water and people had to fetch it from wells and public fountains. Barcelona’s old town, Ciutat Vella, still preserves several centuries-old historical fountains that are presently a tourist attraction, though they once provided a valuable service … Read more…

A centre to get the most out of the beach

18 July, 2013 | Barcelona People, Unknown City, Your City Council
DISE-Centre Platja 10-7-13 VZ 03

Do you want to take the kids to the beach without having to cart any toys with you? Do you fancy doing a spot of sunbathing and reading a book or a magazine without being overloaded? No problem, the beach centre (Centre de la Platja) offers you the possibility of borrowing books, newspapers and magazines, for young and old, plus balls, sports equipment and buckets and spades for your little … Read more…

Barcelona is a city of fountains

13 May, 2013 | Unknown City, Your City Council
01 font capella

A city like Barcelona has lots of services that run every day. You know they are there but you are hardly aware of their existence, let alone how they work, unless there comes a time when they are not there. It’s when you need them that they become evident. One such service is a feature of the urban landscape. We walk past them a lot but hardly notice them until … Read more…