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The Sant Medir groups, 186 years making Barcelona sweeter

2 March, 2016 | Barcelona People, News, Unknown City
01-banderers 1932-foto Segarra-AFB

The origins of the Sant Medir festivities are well-known. It all started with Josep Vidal Granés, a baker from C/ Gran de Gràcia who went on a pilgrimage to the saint’s hermitage in the Collserola mountain range with a set of bagpipes and handing out sweets to fulfil a promise he had made. That first pilgrimage in 1830 was repeated the following years every 3 March for Sant Medir. Every … Read more…

Sant Medir, a festival which unites various Barcelona neighbourhoods

27 February, 2015 | Barcelona People, Networking, Unknown City
Colla de sant Medir

A good many people automatically think of the Gràcia neighbourhood, at the mere mention of Sant Medir. That’s because the tradition grew up in the old village of Gràcia and its main events are still held in Gràcia’s streets, even if other Barcelona neighbourhoods today also celebrate that traditional festival. In fact, as many as eight neighbourhoods besides Vila de Gràcia have played host to Sant Medir collas or festival … Read more…

48h Open House Bcn, more social than ever

25 October, 2012 | Networking, News

This weekend sees a new edition of the 48h Open House Barcelona, the city’s architecture festival. This is only the third edition of the festival which, for one weekend, opens the doors of some of the city’s iconic buildings – and other spaces unknown to the public – which are all noted for their special architectural interest. It includes almost 150 spaces from all eras which, among other aspects, stand … Read more…

The Influencers, unconventional entertainment

3 February, 2012 | Networking

Bani Brusadin welcomed us to the CCCB to tell us all about The Influencers, beyond what we already knew. Sometimes it’s not easy to explain, owing to the difficulty in deciphering the message hidden behind the title Uncoventional Art, Radical Entertainment and Communication Guerrilla. Bani started The Influencers project in 2004 with Eva and Franco Mattes, two pioneering artists of Net Art, and the creators of 0100101110101101.ORG. All three are … Read more…

The map of 48h Open House Barcelona

19 October, 2011 | News

This weekend sees Barcelona experiencing another, different festival, far removed from the preconceptions we all have of festivals. It is the 48h Open House Barcelona, an architecture festival during which, for the second consecutive year, more than 150 of the city’s special buildings, interesting above all for their architecture, will open to the public. The Palau Reial’s royal sleeping quarters, the Banco Atlántico, private flats that stand out for their … Read more…