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Coming back from the Font del Gat,

30 September, 2014 | Barcelona People, Unknown City

Water has been a symbol of wealth and life for a very long time. People used to gather round rivers and fountains. And for many years Montjuïc was a rural space and garden for the city’s inhabitants, an idyllic place where they could relax and enjoy themselves close to home but in the heart of nature. There were many fountains to be found on Montjuïc, some natural, others piped and … Read more…

Is there a fountain nearby for a sip of water?

16 May, 2014 | Networking, Your City Council

It’s summer. It’s hot. We’re thirsty and a swig of water would do us a world of good. Finding a public fountain would come in handy. Barcelona is full of fountains; in fact it’s one of the cities with the most. There are nearly 1,600 of them, distributed over every neighbourhood. You can be sure that, wherever we are, there will be one close by. Even so, they are so … Read more…

Gothic Barcelona’s historical fountains

24 July, 2013 | Unknown City, Your City Council
Detall font santa anna-foto JAF

We take taps and running water completely for granted today, but it was once an unheard-of luxury for many centuries. Although the Romans had built two aqueducts that supplied the city, houses lacked running water and people had to fetch it from wells and public fountains. Barcelona’s old town, Ciutat Vella, still preserves several centuries-old historical fountains that are presently a tourist attraction, though they once provided a valuable service … Read more…

The dancing egg

21 June, 2011 | News

L’ou com balla (“the dancing egg”) is an old Barcelona tradition performed on the eve of Corpus Christi, a Catholic feast held 60 days after Easter Sunday which originates from a 13th-century miracle. No one knows exactly when the “dancing egg” tradition came about, though it is generally agreed that the idea took root during the 16th century. It involves making an empty egg dance on top of a jet … Read more…