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A mosaic by Gaudí at the feet of the parishioners of Saint Pacian

12 January, 2015 | Barcelona People, Unknown City
mosaic nau central

A mosaic designed by Antoni Gaudí decorates the entire floor of the church of Saint Pacian on Carrer de les Monges in the neighbourhood of Sant Andreu. This is one of the first works by the renowned architect and artist. The mosaic in neoclassical style is quite different from the better known Modernista work of its creator. The mosaic was damaged during the confrontations of the Tragic Week in the … Read more…

The first lifts in Barcelona as decorative elements of buildings in the Eixample

27 June, 2012 | Unknown City
Ascensor Ateneu Barcelonès

Often we don’t realise it but there are everyday things we use repeatedly throughout the day, or week, that have been responsible for important social changes in the course of human history. Some of these changes were so important that we do not attach to them the significance they deserve. There is a book that has helped us to become aware that some of these changes have transformed our habits … Read more…

The Barcelona of dragons

24 May, 2011 | Unknown City

The popular imagination has created a variety of fantastic figures, dragons being the foremost example. The latter also represent a typically Catalan icon over here in, when you consider the legend of St George, who faced a dragon to protect a princess. The mysticism behind this story seems to have made a strong impression over the years on those artists who have made this legend the chief source of inspiration … Read more…

Sagrada Família Schools

19 May, 2011 | Unknown City

Having visited the Sagrada Família for the second consecutive time we have returned to the series of posts aiming to give city residents a deeper picture of the reality of this cathedral, discovering other sides to it and revealing other unusual stories hidden beneath those more commonly known. While our first report took us to the model workshops, this time we concentrate on the Sagrada Família Schools, a building that … Read more…

Eixample’s houses (2nd part): Living amidst Modernism

5 April, 2011 | Unknown City
Casa Llopis Bofill 128s

Do you remember the post where we photographically recovered three Modernista buildings in Barcelona’s Eixample? Then, as now, we were aiming to reclaim the small architectural gems of the city which have been eclipsed by great works such as La Pedrera, the Casa Batlló, the Sagrada Família and the Casa de les Punxes, without, obviously, belittling the latter. Another aspect we took into account, as we looked at certain houses, … Read more…